This is my second success in beating the mythic Mission 100 (aka level 100). Unlike my first time, in which I was at my very last tank, this time I finished with 4 tanks left! In fact, when mission 95 began this time, I still had 7 tanks left 🙂

So here it is, starting at mission 95:


Missions beyond 20 are randomized, except for the 8 milestone missions 30, 40, …, 100.  Therefore, below are screenshots for missions 1 to 20, plus the 8 milestone missions, with links to the corresponding video captures and misison-specific strategy guides where available.

Randomized Missions

Each of the “randomized” missions feature a battlefield randomly picked from an earlier mission, which may be a milestone mission.  Interestingly though, a few milestone missions, such as mission 20, are never picked.  Furthermore, also randomized is the mix of enemy tank types and their initial placements.  However, one thing is never randomized – the number of enemy tanks in each mission is pre-determined and never changes.

Table of Contents
Missions 1 – 20
Milestone Missions

Missions 1 – 20

Mission 1

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Fire head-on when in line of sight, randomize your rebound shots otherwise.Black Tank

First appearing in Mission 50, the black tank is the only tank that can rapid-fire rocket-propelled shells (no rebound).  (Fortunately, there is no tank that can rapid-fire 2-rebound rocket-propelled shells.  Phew.)  As if that wasn’t enough, they are the fastest of all tanks – faster than your shells!  And if that wasn’t enough, they are also extremely good at evading your shells.  Just about the only good news here is that they don’t go invisible!  Here are some tactics:

  1. When in their direct line of sight, the best tactic is to get out of that predicament!  For all their deadly force, they always aim squarely at you and don’t lead, therefore if you run in a direction that is “sideways” to them, you will prevail in escaping.  Once you are protected by walls, employ tactic #4 below.
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The music in Tanks! is deceptively simple.  You may have noticed that in the higher levels, when powerful tanks such as the white tanks are destroyed, the background music immediately becomes less complex, less rich.  This is because certain types of tanks come accompanied by their own musical instruments!

This is first heard in Mission 8, where yellow tanks are introduced along with a new bass drum beat.  The bass of the music is much deeper when yellow tanks are present.  Once all yelow tanks are destroyed in a mission, the bass drum component of the music ceases.

The most obvious tank-specific instrument is that that comes with the white tanks.  Below is a complete list (special thanks to U.E. for providing this info):

[table id=3 /]


Avoid direct confrontation when possible and use fan-and-rebound shots.  Otherwise, fight fire with fire.  Oh, and run…White Tank

The white tanks turns invisible as the mission starts, but do leave tracks as they move.  In fact, their tracks are darker than all other tanks’.  They rapid-fire ordinary shells but move at ordinary speed.  In a touch of elegance by Nintendo, these tanks are poor at evading your shells, as if being transparent means that light rays will pass through the entirety of the tank unimpeded, including the retina of its cameras or the eyes of the tank operators!

Mission 20 sees the white tank’s first appearance, and is in my opinion really the only mission in which they are truly lethal, because white tanks are easily defeated using fan-and-rebound shots IF there is no line of sight between you and them, but mission 20 is nothing but wide open space, putting you constantly in their direct line of sight.  See Mission 20 for strategies specific to that mission.

Outside of Mission 20 they are relatively easy to defeat via fan-and-rebound shots in the absence of line of sight.  The only real threat posed by these invisible tanks is when they sneak up on you without you noticing (even though they rarely stop firing on their way to you).  So, just pay attention to any approaching tracks as well as other visible tanks.

There isn’t much more to it thanks to their poor evasion abilities.  After the white tanks, you won’t encounter another new type of tanks until Mission 50, when the absolutely insane black tanks appear!  But as you will see, even this ultimate tank isn’t so formidable 😉


Did you know the white tanks are accompanied by their own music?

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