Avoid direct confrontation when possible and use fan-and-rebound shots.  Otherwise, fight fire with fire.  Oh, and run…White Tank

The white tanks turns invisible as the mission starts, but do leave tracks as they move.  In fact, their tracks are darker than all other tanks’.  They rapid-fire ordinary shells but move at ordinary speed.  In a touch of elegance by Nintendo, these tanks are poor at evading your shells, as if being transparent means that light rays will pass through the entirety of the tank unimpeded, including the retina of its cameras or the eyes of the tank operators!

Mission 20 sees the white tank’s first appearance, and is in my opinion really the only mission in which they are truly lethal, because white tanks are easily defeated using fan-and-rebound shots IF there is no line of sight between you and them, but mission 20 is nothing but wide open space, putting you constantly in their direct line of sight.  See Mission 20 for strategies specific to that mission.

Outside of Mission 20 they are relatively easy to defeat via fan-and-rebound shots in the absence of line of sight.  The only real threat posed by these invisible tanks is when they sneak up on you without you noticing (even though they rarely stop firing on their way to you).  So, just pay attention to any approaching tracks as well as other visible tanks.

There isn’t much more to it thanks to their poor evasion abilities.  After the white tanks, you won’t encounter another new type of tanks until Mission 50, when the absolutely insane black tanks appear!  But as you will see, even this ultimate tank isn’t so formidable 😉


Did you know the white tanks are accompanied by their own music?

  5 Responses to “General Strategy against White Tanks”

  1. White Tanks

    Classification: Elite

    Speed: Normal

    Description: Invisible, dumb, slow Purple Tanks, with tracks 3 times as obvious.

  2. Mission 20 is pretty easy if you have right strategy.
    I use same strategy as with blacks in 50 or teals in 5, avoid them and then fire,.

  3. When the mission starts the sound made by white tanks is either high or low, as I discovered if you listen carefully. If it’s high it means they’re going to get ready to attack you, aka be offensive. If it’s low they’ll hide and be defensive.


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