In this article I’ll talk about some general techniques in this game as well as some general strategies.  They have helped me reach Mission 100,  and I hope they’ll help you too!  (Your mileage may vary…)  Since techniques are vital to carrying out any strategies you have, we’ll talk about techniques first.  (Scroll down for general strategies, or for mission-specific strategies see List of Missions.)

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  1. Lead the enemy tank, i.e. aim at where it is going instead of where it is at. This is the most basic technique next to aiming directly at your opponent.  It is effective in the most basic of circumstances, i.e. you’re trying to destroy a moving tank.  Obviously, this doesn’t apply to stationary tanks.
  2. Fan out your shots. In this game you can fire 5 shots at a time.  To achieve the best coverage, start your fan by over-leading the enemy tank, then fan backwards to it.  Doing this in reverse order is less effective and your enemy tank may outrun your shells (which may keep crossing just behind the enemy tank).
  3. Fan and rebound your shots. Obviously applicable when you don’t have a direct line of sight to the enemy tank, but sometimes advantageous even when you do.  This technique is basically just the above technique applied to a wall, with the fanning direction is adapted to “far to near“.  I.e. start by aiming at a spot on the wall that is farther from you, then “reel in” your aim along the wall as you fire your shells.  This is very important, as the opposite will often result in your shells canceling each other out.  The video below demonstrates this canceling effect, followed by an example of the right way of doing it.  The difference is obvious!
    [pro-player type=’video’ image=’ against wall.jpg’] against wall.mp4[/pro-player]
  4. Left and right shots. This technique is basically the fan technique executed in an alternating left-right pattern, starting wide and ending on or near line of sight.  This not only introduces a degree of randomness, but also becomes a sort of a trap into which the enemy tank will have no escape once your shells are at a certain distance, a distance at which the enemy tank can no longer outrun the outside shells.  This technique is best reserved for the occasion when all of the above techniques are evaded by the enemy tank (e.g. black), or when they become ineffective due to the distances involved, because there are some disadvantages in using this technique:  It is hard to execute nicely (has to be wide enough for good coverage, not too wide to allow escape between shells, evenly distributed, all in short time), is only applicable as direct assault (due to the rebound canceling effect), and when the “un-used” shells rebound they may cancel each other out and become wasted (depending on the angle of your fan relative to the walls).  Example video coming soon.
  5. Just shoot. Sometimes you want to just shoot randomly due to the situation.  Such a situation could be lots of shells flying at you, in which case you wanna just shoot to cancel them out, or could be a level like mission 45, in which you just have no time but to shoot between the blocks and run.


Here are some general strategies that I use.  These are general and exceptions can always arise.  For strategies against specific missions, see Strategy by Mission.  For strategies against specific tanks, see Strategy by Tank.

  • At the start of a mission, if any green tanks is in line of sight or nearly so, take them out first!  Use the tactics for green tanks.
  • Don’t underestimate the yellow tanks!  Seek them out whenever you can.  They not only destroy many of your hiding places, but also may lay mines in places you can’t see (and won’t notice or remember).
  • Lay mines sparingly. This may well be just a personal preference, but I find laying mines imposes too much restriction on my movements.  I generally only use them against green tanks when they are by a wall, or when destroying cork blocks is necessary (it usually isn’t).
  • Occasionally, you don’t want to fire too rapidly so as to ensure a constant supply of ammo.  This happens when there are several tanks near or directly approaching you, and any miss you make results in your shell flying and rebounding across a medium or long distance before living out its life.  Note this is of no concern if there are no enemy tanks near you, even if you’re firing over long distance, as you will have plenty of time and room to evade enemy attacks.
  • Take your time! I am frequently guilty of not following this advice.  After all, I don’t have a lot of patience for the first 50 levels (and frequently die off in them)!  This is where sportsmanship comes in (and I’m trying to attain it in Tanks…).  How to play the first 20 levels 200 times and be at your best every time….

That’s all I can think of for now…

  7 Responses to “Wii Tanks! Overall Strategy Guide”

  1. finally the video came out. yay!

  2. Re point number one, what your referring to is officially called ‘deflection’. Just FYI 😉 Nice site….

  3. My 5 year old son is very into wii tanks. But the only thing he like better than playing is watching me play because I could get farther than he could and gets soooo excited to see new levels and records broken. He has put a lot of pressure on me to get better and I’ve started to get into it too. I’ve started using the advice from this site and it has worked like a charm (except the upper left tank in M17- I can’t find that sweet spot!) I’m happy to report that I finally completed M20 today. My wife and 6-month-old came in to watch. It was a joyous moment. I give full credit to Mission Complete!! Unfortunately my son is now aware that there are 80 more missions and the very exciting black tanks to look forward to. (sigh) Onward!

    • Hahaha that’s GREAT!!! This is an equally joyous occasion for me 🙂 Thank you for the note, and may you blast all the way through to M100 in the months to come!

  4. Is there a way to turn off the tracking information at the bottom of the screen? It blocks some of my tanks occasionally!

    • Unfortunately no. Indeed, this is one of the few “features” that I really don’t like about this game.

      A similar “feature” is the splash “Start!” that appears AFTER mission start and persists for one second. Occasionally, it directly obscures where and when the action is most intense. A prime example is Mission 40 (strategy guide coming soon…), in which the missions STARTS with you and a purple tank almost face-to-face in the middle of the screen. I always have to focus intensely in the first seconds of this mission due to the obscuring “Start!” splash…

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