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My name is Bright Soo, and tanks.brightsoo.com is part of my personal site, brightsoo.com, and is dedicated to the mini-game Tanks! in the Nintendo game “Wii Play”, with an emphasis on my personal observations.  I can be contacted at bright@brightsoo.com.

Why the site?  Well, I have spent countless hours on this game for the past several months to finally get to Mission 100 (actually, I have wanted to do this site even before I reached that goal), and along the way I have devised quite a few tactics & strategies, and even made other interesting observations not related to tactics.  On the downside, it was painful having to start over from Mission 1 every time I exhausted my tanks reserve, i.e. died, even if I did so in Mission 99!  No continuation!

So I built this site so that all my efforts, the hard work, my devised tactics & strategies, my observations, and all the pain, will go into more than just my fleeting victories in this game, but also into something more permanent.   So I thought I’d share them with the world!

Interestingly, at the time of this writing, there aren’t a whole lot of strategy guides on Tanks out there on the internet.  Only a handful exist (links coming soon), and they only touch on the tanks and missions 1-20 in a brief manner.  There are also some sprinkled in the comments of YouTube videos (links coming soon) of other people’s attempts and successes in beating Mission 100.  No site seems to dedicate a coverage that is commensurate with the elegance of this game (and the devotion it demands for final victory).

And so, the time is ripe for a full blown Tanks site.  May all enemy tanks be blown to pieces!

Coming soon:  Why I love this game.

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  1. I hope for more videos!!!!


  3. great site great game

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