Fire head-on when in line of sight, randomize your rebound shots otherwise.Black Tank

First appearing in Mission 50, the black tank is the only tank that can rapid-fire rocket-propelled shells (no rebound).  (Fortunately, there is no tank that can rapid-fire 2-rebound rocket-propelled shells.  Phew.)  As if that wasn’t enough, they are the fastest of all tanks – faster than your shells!  And if that wasn’t enough, they are also extremely good at evading your shells.  Just about the only good news here is that they don’t go invisible!  Here are some tactics:

  1. When in their direct line of sight, the best tactic is to get out of that predicament!  For all their deadly force, they always aim squarely at you and don’t lead, therefore if you run in a direction that is “sideways” to them, you will prevail in escaping.  Once you are protected by walls, employ tactic #4 below.
  2. When you’re unable to get out of their line of sight, but have room to maneuver, employ the same tactic as that for teal tanks.  It is the same tactic, just with an accelerated pace.
  3. When there’s no room for maneuver, you are forced to confront the black tank face-to-face.  The tactic here is a combination of that for the teal tanks and red tanks.  As with the red tanks, the tactic for countering the black tanks’ rapid fire is to fire back directly.  However, since there is usually some distance between you and the black tank (it is rare for them to be very near you without having destroyed you already), you don’t want to fire too rapidly because a) your rounds have a low hit likelihood anyway and b) you don’t want to run out of ammunition.  Therefore, for every shell they fire at you (and do wait for them to fire first), calmly fire two right back.  Since one of your shots will get canceled out, you are effectively firing one shell, leaving you 4 more for defense.  Interestingly, this tactic is very effective in my experience.  It is just breathtaking to do, but it isn’t exactly “risky” 😉
  4. When you are protected behind a wall, first utilize fan-and-rebound to keep them at a distance.  Then it gets interesting.  If you keep repeating your attack, you will find that the black tanks will keep evading your shots successfully.  I have found that if you randomize your attack pattern, then the success rate is dramatically increased.  You can do this by, for example, using different walls for rebound, so that the black tanks have to deal with more than a single attack pattern.  You may also occasionally throw in a direct shot.  It seems the black tanks would get acclimatized to your current attack pattern, and a new pattern will throw them off in a surprise.

And that wraps up the tank-specific strategies!  You can look up mission-specific strategies here.

  8 Responses to “General Strategy against Black Tanks”

  1. black tanks escape when you shoot them but they keep shooting fire at you

  2. the bullies in this game

  3. A note that oreo8118 told me, if you only fire one bullet once you’re behind a wall it has a higher tendency to be stupid.

  4. you got that right; i have found you have to come out in 50 and let them know who is boss; take one out with direct fire and then aggressively pursue the second; if you win one, the AI then tells the remaining missions that you are a bad mother and really throws some tough stuff your way

    • “if you win one, the AI then tells the remaining missions that you are a bad mother and really throws some tough stuff your way”

      REALLY?! It doesn’t seem that way to me; it seems every level starts out the same. I mean, of course, by passing a level, the next ones could be tougher, but I don’t think that’s a result of real-time AI.

      Can you cite any references to support your claim? 😀


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