This table lists the various types of enemy tanks with their armament, strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics. Click on a tank’s icon to go to the strategy guide specific to the tank type.

Tank Type (Color)First Mission AppearanceMain characteristicTrack SpeedAmmunitionAttack IntelligenceEvasion Intelligence (avoiding your attacks)
Brown Tank
1First of 2 tank types that are stationary. More appropriately just called a turret…(Stationary)Ordinary Shells
(bounce once)
Grey Tank
2Basic mobile tankOrdinary (same as you)Ordinary Shells
(bounce once)
Green Tank
5Fires rocket-propelled shellsOrdinaryRocket-propelled shells
(no rebound)
Firings aimed directly at youOnly sensitive to shells fired directly at them
Yellow Tank
8Fires ordinary shells and lays mines. Medium-fast moving.Medium fastOrdinary Shells
(bounce once)
Land mines
Doesn’t fire much, but lays mines frequently and randomly. Will sometimes pursue you directly.Can detect mine locations regardless of walls. Blindly evades your shells by simply moving in straight lines and randomly changing directions.
Red Tank
Red (Magenta)
10Rapid-fires ordinary shellsOrdinaryOrdinary Shells
(bounce once)
Seeks you out strongly and rapid-fires shells directly at youDoes not evade shots! Their only defense is rapid fire.
Green Tank
12Stationary tank. Fires rocket-propelled shells that rebound twice.(Stationary)Rocket-propelled shells
(2 rebounds)
Accurately calculates 2-rebound trajectory to hit you after 2 rebounds. However, they rarely fire at you directly even if a line of sight exists.N/A
Purple Tank
15Rapid-fires ordinary shells. Lays mines. Fast moving.FastOrdinary Shells
(bounce once)
Land mines
Seeks you out mildly and rapid-fires shells indirectly at you via rebounds. Lays mines only occasionally.Mildly sensitive to rebound attacks. But only mildly.
White Tank
20Invisible tank (with visible track). Rapid-fires ordinary shells.OrdinaryOrdinary Shells
(bounce once)
Land mines
Seeks you out mildlyBasically blind (since light rays pass right through them!)
Black Tank
50Fires ordinary rocket-propelled shells. Rapid-firing. Fastest moving tank.Very FastRocket-propelleds shells
(no rebound) (rapid-firing)
Land mines
Ordinary. They just fire fast shells rapidly!Evades shells very well by means of quick reaction (when your shells get near) and quick movement. Evades mines very well by avoiding walls in general.

  49 Responses to “List of Enemy Tanks”

  1. Strategy by Tank
    Brown don’t move and fire but don’t fire if you close to them

  2. the browns – soilders are easy

  3. i never played Wii Play

  4. What is the most common enemy tank in the game?

  5. ive gotten to level 5o and you don’t get another tank

  6. Just today when the two of us were playing (as one player, up to 100. We would passit after every 5 levels)…
    Mission 47… 5 PINK TANKS? WHAT?

  7. my 10/yo kid did mission 100 5 times

  8. This is a test.

  9. Did you know every enemy tank has alternative name?
    Brown – Turret
    Grey – Solider
    Teal – Hunter
    Yellow – Bumblebee
    Magenta – Rover
    Green – Sniper
    Purple – Warrior
    White – Stealth-Fighter
    Black – Elite

  10. I have this order of fave tanks:
    1. Black
    2. Purple
    3. White
    4. Teal
    5. Yellow
    6. Red
    7. Grey
    8. Brown
    9. Green
    Blacks are cool, but one black that was last tank when I got to 97 today destroyed me completely 🙁

  11. Isn’t the teal supposed to be green and the gray supposed to be brown?

  12. level 24……. 4 tan tanks!!!

  13. (this is a continuation of what The Tanker said)
    Brown: 1 BPF
    Grey: 1 BPF
    Teal: 1 BPF
    Yellow:1 BPF
    Red: 3 BPF
    Green: 2 BPF
    Purple: 5 BPF
    White: 5 BPF
    Black: 3 BPF

    BPF= Bullets Per Fan

    Please correct me if i’m wrong.

  14. Now I know Black tanks I must say they are really easy : I don´t hit them by rebound, I just GO FOR THEM!!!

  15. Could you add the shells per fan? I mean for those tanks with rapid-fire (i.e. Blue tank : 5 shells per fan), Bright?

  16. nice one dude

  17. the white tanks do rapid fire


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