Fight fire with fire!  Or use rebound shots.  They’re easier than you might think.Red Tank

Red (magenta) tanks rapid-fire ordinary shells with ordinary 1-rebound.  Moving at ordinary speed, they are very aggressive in seeking you out for a direct confrontation.  While they are mildly aware of and will evade your rebound shots somewhat, when you are in their direct line of sight, they will not evade your direct firings, but instead rapid-fire at you directly, which simultanesouly becomes their defense as their shells cancel out yours.

When applicable, rebound shots are as effective against them as any other tanks.  But what to do when they confront you directly?

During a direct confrontation you have one distinct advantage over them (besides your brain) – you can out-fire them!  That is, your rapid fire is even more rapid than theirs.  So, just fire right back!  Mexican standoff style.

This may be counter-intuitive, but this fight-fire-with-fire tactic is actually most effective when you’re very close to them (like this).  This is due largely to the 5-round-at-a-time limitation – a close range shootdown means your ammo is practically limitless!

When you’re at a distance, but in direct line of sight, you have to resort to firing directly at them regularly but not too rapidly, and wait for the rounds to do their job.  You wanna forget about leading but fire  at them directly so as to cancel out any of the enemy rounds, otherwise you will find yourself surrounded by ricocheting rounds sonner than you can say “What the!”.  And you don’t wanna fire too rapidly, but only slightly more rapid than the red tank, so as to sustain a constant supply of ammo for contingencies.  If you fire too rapidly at too great a distance, you will run out of rounds as the last 5 rounds are still flying, leaving you defenseless.

Next meet Teal‘s crazy daddy, the Green Tank.

  2 Responses to “General Strategy against Red Tanks”

  1. Level 10! My friend: spams randomly in the wall’s general direction (Red tank fires once; hits my friend). Me: quick burst (red tank explodes) me again: ricochet shots (other tank explodes) My friend: wow! How did you do that?
    Me: I’m a pro, ur a noob. My friend again: yeah!… wait, what?

  2. I usually hide behind a wall and fire all 5 rounds when the red tank comes to destroy them.


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