General strategy against yellow tanks? There is none!Yellow Tank

Yellow tanks love laying mines randomly and only fires shells when they are near you with a direct line of sight.  They move at a medium-fast speed, and move in straight lines but make random turns, which makes it difficult to hit them in a consistent manner.  Of all the enemy tanks, I hate these guys the most!  That’s because:

  • They lay mines like crazy all over the place, destroying the landscape (cork blocks) and consequently strategic locations (i.e. hiding places!).
  • They are hard to hit because:

    • Their mines often impede your ability to shoot at them in the first place, either by blocking you out of position, or by keeping you at a long distance, or by directly getting in the way between you and the yellow tank.  (ok I used 3 clauses after “either”.)  This last scenario is worse than it sounds – if you were to fire 5 successive shots for instance, the mine explosion will likely cancel out most of them.
    • They move in straight lines but make random turns, and they move faster than your average brown tanks.  This makes leading them ineffective.

They aren’t particularly intelligent, but their dumb behavior makes them a formidable opponent.  All you can do is try lead them anyway and throw in a few rebound shots!

Occasionally, they will corner themselves after laying a mine and realizing they now have nowhere to go.  These are opportunities!  Be sure to fire at them first, then the mines!  Otherwise, if you detonated a mine first, you might end up “releasing” them…

Next public enemy: Red Tanks.

  10 Responses to “General Strategy against Yellow Tanks”

  1. I hate that yellow tanks lay mines, cancelling out your bullets. The only good thing is they only cancel out the bullet that hit the mine. Also, in multiplayer, what happens literally every time on mission 8 is this:

    Yellow tank lays four mines
    Yellow traps himself
    I blow up a mine, killing him
    Nobody gets the score, because it was his own mine

    Also, like U.E. said, I have died many times from killing a yellow, then being blown up by the mine they laid the EXACT MOMENT HE DIED. And this all happens while being harassed by a nearby Green tank, with a red and a teal behind me.

    • I would also like to add, the yellows have a mine- laying IQ of 120, but has the gunfire IQ of Gray Tanks. (which, by the way, can miss you even when you don’t move!!!!)

  2. you said, “move faster than your brown tanks”. WTF

  3. This is somewhat similar to what “the tanker” said,

    but Yellow tanks will sometimes lay land mines just before they die, as if they don’t want their assailant to
    continue to live.

  4. There is something about yellow tanks id like to add : If you are firing to them all time, they will lay a mine and they will explode automaticly 🙂 , unfernately, this is a bit rare to happen.

  5. Hi Chase,

    “mission 75 is the ONLY variable mission level where you can pass and win a tank”

    Really? I thought all missions besides 1-20,30,40,…,100 are variable. If you’re right, that would imply, because tanks are awarded every 5 missions, that missions 25, 35, 45, etc except 75 are all fixed. Hmmm, I’m not sure who’s right. Will have to dig into my video footage later… By the way I’ll see about moving/copying your post here for relevance.

    Congrats on making it to 97, and best of luck to you on getting to 100 soon!

    For me, when I was trying to reach 100, I tended to break my own record by leaps and bounds. E.g. Mission 50 might have been my record, but when I broke it, I got to something like 75. Of course, in between breaking my own records, there were an untold number of failed attempts 😛

    I found that I perform best either alone or if someone is present they watch my game attentively…

    • I’m pretty sure that the missions like 25, 35, 45, etc. have random tanks, but introduce a specific new map to play. At least, that’s what I’ve seen. And they all introduce the same map each time, like the c-shaped one of 25 , and the H-shaped one of 35 (or maybe it was 45… I don’t know)

  6. hi there; also a tanks freak, although I have only made it to 97; i like your site and have played hundreds of rounds; all of current top five are missions 94-97, i seem to move up in levels and then get stuck until i get to the next one;

    i liked your strategy comments on the different tanks; one item is that mission 75 is the ONLY variable mission level where you can pass and win a tank


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