Missions beyond 20 are randomized, except for the 8 milestone missions 30, 40, …, 100.  Therefore, below are screenshots for missions 1 to 20, plus the 8 milestone missions, with links to the corresponding video captures and misison-specific strategy guides where available.

Randomized Missions

Each of the “randomized” missions feature a battlefield randomly picked from an earlier mission, which may be a milestone mission.  Interestingly though, a few milestone missions, such as mission 20, are never picked.  Furthermore, also randomized is the mix of enemy tank types and their initial placements.  However, one thing is never randomized – the number of enemy tanks in each mission is pre-determined and never changes.

Table of Contents
Missions 1 – 20
Milestone Missions

Missions 1 – 20

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 14

Mission 15

Mission 16

Mission 18

Mission 19

Mission 20

Milestone Missions (30, 40, …, 100)

  27 Responses to “List of Missions”

  1. anyway i am just 11yo and beat the game 8 times

  2. why is your screen smaller than mine?

  3. also, missions like 25, 35 or 45 have new maps, but not fixed tanks
    (for example, 25 is that C like map)

  4. I have always hated the pink tanks the most because of the way they approach you. They’re not afraid of the bullets and so they just get closer and closer with their rapid fire.

  5. hardest tanks to worst tanks 1. green 2. black 3. white 4. purple 5. red 6. yellow 7. teal 8. grey 9. brown

  6. bad guys brown grey teal yellow pink/red teal’s crazy daddy. green purple white black

    good guys blue good pink/red

  7. missions 11 12 14 15 20 25 50 75 85 Iove!!!!!!!!

  8. Man, there are so many tanks in mission 100.

  9. I think that a purple Tank should also be in MISSION 100. Black Tanks are very clever. Yellow Tanks are good with mines. Green Tanks are very accurate. Brown Tanks are good sometimes especially with good Tanks. Purple Tanks are practically an evil version of you. Purple Tanks are also a Red Tank and Yellow Tank stuck together apart from 2 mines. Teal Tanks are cowards. Grey Tanks are all the one. Red Tanks are very brave. White Tanks are awesome. My favorite tank list is Black Tank White Tank Purple Tank and Green Tank. Thank you for reading if you did=]

  10. I like your site, it has been very helpful.

  11. this my list hardest tanks to wourst tanks 1. light green tanks 2. black tanks 3. wight tanks 4.purple tanks 5.red tanks 6. yellow tanks 7. teal tanks 8. grey tanks 9. brown tanks

  12. I have completed tanks 14 time

  13. I analyzed the Tanks audio and put a list of instruments that appear with all tanks.
    It’s under the “music of tanks” section.

  14. It stops after mission 20, in single mode.
    Help pls. =/

    • The first time you reach mission 20, the game ends. But you will have “unlocked” the remaining missions. Next time you beat mission 20, your game will proceed to the next mission.

  15. im unable to get past 20,it always says final mission. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx

    • Have you been playing in 2-player mode? In that case there is no mission beyond mission 20.

      If you’ve been playing solo and still get stuck like that, let me know!

    • i guess you are playing as guest, i think, you log out and you get to 20 again, i’m guessing?

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