This mission always begins with the teal tank directly opposite you firing at you.  So I typically move up immediately.  I would stop momentarily just before crossing the upper barricade, and fan out all five rounds of shells from the upper barricade to the lower one, then move up above the upper baricade for protection.  Those five rounds will typically take out at least one of the tanks, three if you’re lucky.

For any remaining teal tanks, just apply the usual tactic for teal tanks.

In the process, watch out for rebounding shells from the innocent-looking grey tanks.  Due the wide gap between the barricades and the surrounding side walls, shells can rebound at a steep angle and reach you deep behind the barricades.   This happened at right about the middle of the above video.  Luckily, I was well on my way to the other end of the barricade.


Mission 13 is not a difficult level – the green tanks that made their debut in Mission 12 are taking a day off – but it’s no picnic either, due to the fact that you have 3 yellow tanks (for which I expressed my distaste here) and 3 teal ones (which become a real threat only because you’re distracted by the yellow ones).

There are several possible strategies to tackle this level, which is another way of saying they aren’t vital for survival.  ;)   But here’s one that can be used to beat the level systematically:

Strategy: Stay on the left side, be constantly moving up and down (where possible) to evade missiles from the teal tanks, and take out the yellow tanks first.  Most likely, the teal tanks will stay on the right side.

Tactic: Start out like the video above by fanning and rebounding off the lower barricades to attempt taking out the middle yellow tank, and immediately run so as to evade the green tanks’ missiles.  However, unlike the video above, don’t find yourself tucked into the lower left corner having to watch out for rounds travelling along the bottom of the screen, partially obscured by the bottom wall – that was unwise of me but I got lucky. :)   Then, just try to track down all the yellow tanks, and when you’re left with just the teal ones, simply use what you’ve learned about them to take them out.

Next up: Mission 14.  (You’re not gonna like what you see…)


Missions beyond 20 are randomized, except for the 8 milestone missions 30, 40, …, 100.  Therefore, below are screenshots for missions 1 to 20, plus the 8 milestone missions, with links to the corresponding video captures and misison-specific strategy guides where available.

Randomized Missions

Each of the “randomized” missions feature a battlefield randomly picked from an earlier mission, which may be a milestone mission.  Interestingly though, a few milestone missions, such as mission 20, are never picked.  Furthermore, also randomized is the mix of enemy tank types and their initial placements.  However, one thing is never randomized – the number of enemy tanks in each mission is pre-determined and never changes.

Table of Contents
Missions 1 – 20
Milestone Missions

Missions 1 – 20

Mission 1

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Here’s a level that can be completed swiftly.  As soon as the level starts (not a second too late!), fire all 5 of your rounds successively, starting with the first aimed at the upper left brown tank, ending with the last at the lower right brown tank, with the other rounds in between.  If you’re lucky, that’s all it takes, taking out all 4 tanks in one blow.  If not, that will usually take out 2 or 3 tanks right away.

With or without this tactic, the main thing to pay attention to in this level is evading enemy fire by moving to the space in the “V” of the trajectory of enemy fire.   This is because you already start out near the corner and you don’t want to be further cornered!


This is where the rocket-propelled-shell-firing teal tanks appear.  Formidable at first sight, they are actually easily defeated.

In this level, the 2 tanks usually both fire a round at you right off the bet.  These rocket-propelled shells don’t rebound, and the trajectories of these initial shots usually form an X, crossing near you.  So start the level by moving down a little, and position yourself right under this X to avoid the shells.

Then, it is pure procedure.  Just follow the General Strategy against Teal Tanks.

Incidentally, the video above shows how not to fire fan-and-rebound rounds, which are the first 5 shots I made in this video.  You can see that the shells canceled each other out: Continue reading »

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