This is my second success in beating the mythic Mission 100 (aka level 100). Unlike my first time, in which I was at my very last tank, this time I finished with 4 tanks left! In fact, when mission 95 began this time, I still had 7 tanks left 🙂

So here it is, starting at mission 95:

  22 Responses to “I did it again! Mission 100!”

  1. who does all the videos?

  2. 8:22 intense rocketry

  3. my ten year old has beaten this game five times

  4. Mission 90 is my highest

  5. I did this with 5 lives left today! I will give you half credit though. 🙂 This video inspired me to try again after a couple years. It did take a few tries. This site was very helpful. THANKS! 🙂 p.s. how come when I click full screen the screen becomes smaller??

  6. do you have a good julien

  7. how can i get to mission 20

  8. I am new on tanks brightsoo . com.

  9. How come you keep dieing on m98?

  10. My highest is Mission 79

  11. that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How long have you been playing this Game-within-a-game?

    (my highest level was 80…!)

  13. if i had the chance i probably could beat it!!!!

  14. I must say you were very silly when, in mission 99, you kept trying an impossible rebound shot… but I must also say you had extreme reflex in mission 100 beating that black tank while having another below you rapidfiring, THAT WAS AWESOME MAN!!! And another thingy… dont you think white tanks are just Suuuuupeeeereeeeaaaaassssyyyy? They are worse than the browny of mission 2 xD

    • Hee hee thanks! It wasn’t reflex though; rather I just kept moving, since the blank tanks only aim where I was at rather than where I was going 😛 Yeah white tanks are pretty easy as long as you know where they are. An exception is Mission 20, where things are very volatile due to the wide open space,.

  15. 赞一个!


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