Fan-and-rebound shots is the primary weapon against the agile, rapid-firing purple tanks.  Occasionally, you may need to get into a duel with them.Purple Tank

Child of the red tank and the yellow tank, the purple tank possesses both rapid-fire and mine laying abilities, however the former is the dominant trait, as it doesn’t lay mines as crazily as the yellow tanks.  Unlike its red parent, Purple is fairly good at calculating the rebound trajectory of their ordinary shells, but interestingly not very good at avoiding your fan-and-rebound shells, despite its speed being on par with yellow tanks, i.e. faster than reds.  That’s why fan-and-rebound is the primary weapon against it.

Purple tanks do inherit their red parents tendency to seek you out for a direct confrontation, but you can usually keep them at bay by firing fan-and-rebound shots, which they will either evade (and therefore unable to confront you directly) or be destroyed by it.

Occasionally, however, a mission starts with a purple tank already in your direct line of sight.  In such a case you would have to fight fire with fire like you did with the red tanks.

In fact, the purple tank doesn’t bring much new stuff to the table, and correspondingly there is not much new tactics needed 🙂

So, now you’ve seen a lot.  You’ve seen tanks that lay mines, fires rocket-propelled shells, even 2-rebound rocket-propelled shells.  This next tank, however, is invisible.  You have to see it, or not see it, to believe it!  Introducing the White Tanks!

  3 Responses to “General Strategy against Purple Tanks”

  1. Mission 19 is so easy. Just stay near the corner and wait for the purple tanks to come. (Look out for buses&trains) I died on mission 90 with 8 grey tanks. Grey tanks are the ones which usually kill me.

  2. When fighting purple tanks in passages like mission 19 what you should do is fire a narrow fan but now rebounding fan because then you basically block out all missiles shot from it.


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