This mission is engaged, if you’re not very passive, by first taking position either at the top or bottom of the left wall.  By habit I usually take the bottom first.  Sometimes, you can take out the teal tank near the lower right corner by trapping it into a corner (see General Strategy against Teal Tanks).  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t execute the trap very well (in particular, since one of my initial five rounds were canceled out by the teal tank’s rocket-propelled shell, I could have followed up with one more to increase coverage of my shells), and the teal tank had enough room in the corner to evade my shells.  And then I was hit.

From then on, it is mostly fan-and-rebounds.  See also Overall Strategy for Yellow Tanks.

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Here is a level that can be either very easy (depending on your luck), or deadly if you’re not lucky with the yellow tanks.  In the video above I was, you guessed it, lucky.

This level is completed basically using lots of fan and rebound shots.  For most levels using this block layout, I usually fire a fan-and-rebound to the bottom wall first, in attempt to hit the tanks in the lower right quadrant.  This may or may not succeed, but it has an equally important effect – it prevents those tanks from entering your quadrant.  Speaking of which, that is usually what the tanks in the upper left quadrant will have done by this time.

When the tanks from the upper left quadrant has entered or are entering your quadrant, some of your previously fired shells should have expended themselves, leaving you new rounds for defense.  Use the usual tactics of leading and fan-and-rebound from then on.

Be patient and avoid the two upper quadrants altogether, as in the heat of battle, the yellow tanks can lay mines behind the two triagular barricades unbeknownst to you.  Obviously that’s dangerous.  When you are left with tanks in these quadrants who aren’t willing to come down, use fan-and-rebound shots to get at them.

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OK it really took 11 seconds.  But it sounds cooler to say “Mission 10 in 10 seconds” ;)   This mission introduces the red tank, which rapid-fires ordinary shells (i.e. rebound once).

As the mission begins, I generally move to the lower center of the battlefield, firing two shells up the center-left corridor on the way.  These two shots will sometimes take out the tank that started out at the top center of the battlefield, but which almost invariably move to the corridor as the mission begins, running into those two shots.

With just two red tanks and many high-rising barricades, the general tactic in this mission is to stay in the lower center where you can see things clearly, and duel with these tanks at short distance (see General Strategy against Red Tanks).  If the above tactic did not take out the first red tank, you would bascically do the following twice:  stick to the lower-center barricade near either end where the red tank is anticipated to emerge, paying attention to the enemy fire that will be rebounding (from the bottom) literally left and right.  Then, as soon as the red tank emerges, move up close and begin your duel!  As explained in the General Strategy against Red Tanks, this actually carries little risk :)

Next:  Mission 11.


This mission is pretty straight forward and, one might be tempted to say, uneventful.  :)   Just use what you’ve learned so far!

‘Nough said.  Moving on!  To Mission 12.


Mission 12, mission 12.  The level that starts off with the rapid-firing red tank in an open space with you, and the level that introduces the deadly green tank that rapid-fires rocket-propelled shells – and that rebound twice.  As with most levels that seem deadly at first, they become relatively straightforward when the right tactic & strategy are applied.

As with before, when you come face to face with a red tank, an offensive tactic is often effective.  Here, start off by seeking the red tank directly and immediately fanning out all five rounds, leading and lagging the red tank at the same time.  Since the red tank doesn’t try very hard to evade your shots when a direct line of sight is available, this will usually take it out.

Next I usually proceed to the upper right end of the barricades to tackle the green tank near the upper right corner.  At this position, that green tank will usually try to hit you with the first rebound by aiming at the upper wall.  Therefore, if you also try to do the same to it via fan-and-rebound, you will be able to cancel out all its attacks, and in the process take it out too.

Then I usually just sit there and wait for the remaining red tank to approach and take that out the same way.

Finally, we’re left with the last remaining green tank.  Here you would employ tactic #5 in General Strategy against Green Tanks.  Fortunately, the geometry of the arrangement is such that you will be pretty safe as long as you are on the northwestern side of the battlefield.  Therefore you can wait for a good opportunity to sneak into a line of sight with the green tank and fire directly (oh yeah, and run!).  The opportunity is when it is about to fire its next shell, as that is when its previous shells have already traveled some distance on the screen, allowing you to see their trajectories clearly, and when its next shell will take a short while to reach you due to the distance.  Yes, they are rapid firers when compared to other rocket-propelled-shell-firing tanks, but not to ordinary ones. :)

Notice that the potholes didn’t play a role in this strategy.  Also, you are able to take the tanks out one at a time, due to the geometry that constrains the effectiveness of the two-rebound shells, and to the fact that when an enemy tank seeks you out in this game, they almost always do so by direct approach, i.e. they rarely take a longer path in order to sneak up behind you, i.e. go around the “far” end (relative to you) of the diagonal barricades.

Next up:  Mission 13.

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