Avoid directly approaching or retreating from them, and fire only when fired upon.

Teal Tank

First appearing in Mission 5, teal tanks fire rocket-propelled, i.e. fast, shells that have no rebound.  They tend to aim at you directly when firing, even if you are moving.  They’re not good at evading shells that “lead” them, i.e. fired at where they are heading.  And their biggest weakness is the time it takes them to “reload” between firings.

Formidable at first sight, they are actually easily defeated (relatively speaking).  Just follow these two rules:

  1. Constantly move “sideways” relative to them. I.e. don’t move towards or away from them directly.  This ensures that when they fire at you, and they always fire at you, they will always miss you despite the high speed of their shells.
  2. Fire only when fired upon. The most important reason for this is that you stop momentarily each time you fire, which will significantly undermine Rule 1 above.  The teal tanks have a “reload” time in which they cannot fire, which is why it is relatively to safe to fire during this time.  Because teal tanks can evade shells that are aimed directly at them, lead your shots when firing, i.e. aim where they are going instead of at them.  Combine with fanning for effectiveness.
    • Exception to leading: A special case where you would lag them (i.e. aim behind them) is when you can trap them into a corner.  Imagine you are at the left wall near the bottom, and a teal tank is at the opposite right wall about 5 normally-spaced-rounds’ width away from the bottom.  If you start a fan by first aiming slightly above it and fan downwards, the teal tank will move down in an attempt to evade your rounds.  (It can’t move up, as doing so will run into the start of your fan.)  And so it will get trapped in the corner and inevitably be hit by one of the rounds in your fan.

After you conquer these turtles (ahem), yellow tanks are next!

Or, read about the teal tank’s crazy daddy, the green tank.  And then, teal’s granddaddy, the black tank!

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