• The AI (artificial intelligence) of enemy tanks are randomized – even though a level may always start out with the same tanks (you and enemy) in the same positions facing the same directions, their initial movements are not predictable.
  • When controlling with the nunchuck, your tank can move at various speeds by moving the control stick part way.  Not very useful, but it’s there 🙂
  • “Leading” a tank means aiming ahead of a moving tank when firing.

  5 Responses to “Did you know? A few trivia.”

  1. Did you know that the game “changes” if you change the your TV settings in Wii Menu? Just switch the width-to-heigth-ration from 4:3 to 16:9 or the other way around. I think you are playing in 4:3, the levels are so small in your videos. In 16:9 the levels will be huge compared to the tanks. That will make enemy tanks more agressive I have found out. Just try it.

    • Yep. Indeed I bought a 16:9 TV last year and have noticed the differences as you pointed out. The game play becomes a little different. I haven’t noticed that the enemy tanks become more aggressive though. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to play it all over again, but when I do I will be sure to post 16:9 versions of my videos!

  2. i have completed mission 100 14 times

  3. Regarding AI and the enemy tanks’ random initial movements: from a programming point of view, perhaps only the initial directives (i.e. movement and attack) of the enemy tanks are randomized, with all the remaining behavior completely determined by your actions and the reactions of the pre-programmed enemy AI. Hmmm just a thought…


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