Officially “Tanks!” with an exclamation mark, it is 1 of the 9 mini-games in the Nintendo Wii game “Wii Play“.  Below is a Wikipedia excerpt, which I had a part in writing :) :

In this game, the player controls a small toy tank to destroy enemy tanks in a two-and-a-half-dimensional wooden toy block environment. Tanks can fire shells and/or lay mines. All tanks, including the player’s, will be destroyed when hit by a single shell or mine.

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The music in Tanks! is deceptively simple.  You may have noticed that in the higher levels, when powerful tanks such as the white tanks are destroyed, the background music immediately becomes less complex, less rich.  This is because certain types of tanks come accompanied by their own musical instruments!

This is first heard in Mission 8, where yellow tanks are introduced along with a new bass drum beat.  The bass of the music is much deeper when yellow tanks are present.  Once all yelow tanks are destroyed in a mission, the bass drum component of the music ceases.

The most obvious tank-specific instrument is that that comes with the white tanks.  Below is a complete list (special thanks to U.E. for providing this info):

BrownSnare drum & flute
YellowBass drum
RedComplex Tympani
WhiteTrumpet & Saxophone

  • The AI (artificial intelligence) of enemy tanks are randomized – even though a level may always start out with the same tanks (you and enemy) in the same positions facing the same directions, their initial movements are not predictable.
  • When controlling with the nunchuck, your tank can move at various speeds by moving the control stick part way.  Not very useful, but it’s there :)
  • “Leading” a tank means aiming ahead of a moving tank when firing.

Here is a recording of my first successful attempt in beating level 100!  This video starts at Mission 98:

I did better in my second successful attempt!

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