This level is hard at first, but easy with the right strategy.  Below is a step-by-step guide.  I’ll refer to the vertical area in the middle as the “center corridor”.

  1. Upon start, move immediately to the lower left corner.  Often times (though not in the above video), the tank at the center will fire a round that will bounce its way to your start position.  The lower left corner is a safe zone.
  2. Via rebound, or directly, take out the tank at the center.
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Officially “Tanks!” with an exclamation mark, it is 1 of the 9 mini-games in the Nintendo Wii game “Wii Play“.  Below is a Wikipedia excerpt, which I had a part in writing:):

In this game, the player controls a small toy tank to destroy enemy tanks in a two-and-a-half-dimensional wooden toy block environment. Tanks can fire shells and/or lay mines. All tanks, including the player’s, will be destroyed when hit by a single shell or mine.

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Here is a recording of my first successful attempt in beating level 100!  This video starts at Mission 98:

I did better in my second successful attempt!

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