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  1. Leaving my mark on history

  2. it just makes you want to click here but not want to

  3. Scratch that! I looked more closer, and it looks like photoshop. Plus in the comments, people are saying it is photoshop and is fake, plus there are picture from your site, and there are no mission tags on any of the photos. So now I think it’s 1% chance of being real.

  4. Bright, I’m not sure if this is important, but according to Tanks Wiki (Which has statistical info), there are 200 missions, which are only accessible after you beat mission 100 twice. If you look at tanks wiki, it tells you all about it, and it doesn’t seem fake, so It’s just something to put out there that in my opinion has a 70% chance of being real.

  5. Hey Bright, How do you get past mission sixty? I end up fending off the enemy, but then my richochets overwhelm my position and I die. I really need a better strategy against black and green tanks, but aside from that I can deal with almost any tank.

    • The toughness of the mission is mostly due to your view being blocked . You can probably find some videos of others beating this mission on youtube…

      • Thanks! Also, it would be nice if you had a table of the tanks on each area. The Y axis could be the missions in order and the X-axis would be each type of tank.

      • For reference, same Matthew, new device. After a year of practice, I broke my record 345 tanks on mission 73 and made it to… Mission 99. Where my last respawn was used to a black and two reds rushing me, and the last life to a red tank. Never have I been so disgraced in a video game…. Any tips? I find where I die most often in random mission with 4+ red/white/purple tanks.

        • Hi Matthew, you just have to keep trying πŸ˜†

          Also for me, I find that I perform best when there is no one else in the house. So maybe try that…

          Good luck!

        • Hi Matthew, you just have to keep trying πŸ˜†

          Also for me, I find that I perform best when there is no one else in the house. So maybe try that…

          Good luck!

  6. you TRICKED us!

  7. Hey, Bright,

    You should make a strategy for mission 14, or 16. They both have pretty simple strategies, as with my below strategy for mission 15, and Ender’s strategy for 14, which is the same as mine. Or mission 18. That had my sister and I stuck for a while, until I finally used the almighty power of ricochets. Have a nice day!

  8. i found your website

  9. Hey bright I know it’s been a long time since I’ve commented on something but I completed a milestone of finally beating mission 100! But even better…twice! Yesterday on 5/26/16, I completed it with 2 lives left! Today, it is currently 5/27/16 where I am right now and I beat it again just a few minutes ago! I want to thank you for inspiring me through my “Wii Tanks” journey and showing me the ways! I’ve been playing this game since I was about six so it feels relieving to finally get that off my chest πŸ™‚

    • Hey Julien! I’m sooooo glad you made it, twice! Wow I can’t imagine how elated you are haha. How many years have you been playing? How old are you now? ^^ Well, if you beat it one more time you would have outdone me coz I’ve only done it twice ^^’. By the way sorry about the late reply, I must have missed the email that notified me of your message (I get lots of spam notification emails…).

  10. I’m trying to get to misson 20, but I’m stuck on misson 17. Can you help me?

  11. Oh! And I made is the 5th time yesterday to level 100.

    • Very awesome & congrats!!

    • FIftH TimE? WHaT??

      Congrats! πŸ™‚

  12. Hello

  13. Mission Complete with 7 lives!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. is my channel I’m trying to get past level 14 and 15 but it’s hard I’m good with wii play but this is hard I will be here awhile so expect lots of posts

    • this can be tricky
      in 14, destroy red next to you first, as he will attack you. Then, move right, and shoot one or two shells trought little gaps at left green. If you dont hit him, use richocets or move face to face to him and fire 1-2 shells. You can either richocet to destroy two reds and bottom green, or wait until green will be pushed to wall and then place mine at other side to destroy him. Use richocets to beat two reds, and then place mine on wall that protects last green to destroy cork block and repeatly fire directly to him and he’s done. I dont have strategy for 15, sorry

      • My strategy for 15 is to immediately go up, maybe taking out the middle tank. Then, go to the top barricade and take out the top tank that usually goes there. After that, go to the middle and try to take out the rest. If that doesn’t take out all of them, go to the northeast corner and go down, fanning out your shots. Then, continue along the bottom of the map, firing your shells. If that fails, spam everywhere from the middle of the map. πŸ˜‰

  15. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. In your first video of making it to 100, 98 and 99 are different than in your second video. Why?

  17. πŸ™‚

  18. YEAH! I MADE IT TO LEVEL 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I really like your site. I’ve only been here for like a day, and I love it already. I really like looking at the different colors of Tanks, pretty much because they are quite colorful.

    I think the farthest I’ve ever gotten was to Level 12 or 14. I know for sure I was at the point where I saw those tough stationary Green Tanks that shoot ricocheting missiles. I am pretty sure though I didn’t get to the point where Purple Tanks appear.

    Whats a URI though?

  20. i just had birthday yeasterday.

  21. Do you think nintendo should make this a full-fledged game with level selection, achievements, upgrades, better multiplayer, etc.? maybe with multi-platform support?

    • That’s what me and my friend are trying to do. We are only planning it though. We’re not sure what to do when we get done with the planning…but I’m sure we’ll find out. πŸ™‚

    • Well it wouldn’t be the same. It might be a great game in its own right, but different. It won’t have the simplicity and elegance as it does now. It might also be less painful when you die haha.

    • I think that you should be able to upgrade your tank, have more multiplayer levels, have more levels in general (past mission 100)… and, of course, new tanks.

    • I think there should be another 100 or so levels. And after you pass mission 100, you get to fire more bullets. Personally, I feel that mission 190 should be mission 90 with purple tanks. Wow. I have some free time, so I’ve been drawing what I think should become future missions and tanks on paper. It’s fun for me.

      Love ur videos, and the guestbook name (don’t click here). At first I thought the website would glitch if I clicked it. But then this happened.

  22. I made it to mission 83!!!!!!

  23. I have a mii named Bright.

  24. I got a new wii and I imagined your character in my head.And then I tried to make your wii character.Then I made it.Guess what,it looked exactly like it. (:

  25. I just got a new wii a black one

  26. I want to get to misson 100

  27. i am new on tanks brightsoo . com

  28. Igot a new wii and Igot to mission 20 two times and both said final mission.

    • You have to “accidentally” kill your own tank with your own bullet during the first 20 missions in order to unlock the remaining missions. This happens to a lot of advanced players when they play on a new wii system. Ok ok I’m just kidding hahaha. I think you have to earn a medal (I think silver) before you can unlock them, and the way to do that I think is to play it several times to accumulate enough kills. I experienced the same thing you’re experiencing before and I think that’s what happened. Report back and let me know if that’s the case!

      Happy blasting!

  29. Can you make mission 80 for me?Just for the future

  30. You really tricked me

  31. I really like your site,Bright.Even though my wii broke.

  32. I got to mission 79.

  33. my wii play disc broke!!!!!!!!:(

  34. πŸ™‚

  35. can you make a video of mission 50?If not that`s ok.

  36. which level, in your opinion, is the most difficult?

    Mine’s 70, though it’s my favorite.

    • Hmm, actually I think it’s 60.

      As a matter of fact, mission 70 is EASY when you have the right strategy. You basically work your way into the spiral by mostly rebound shots. When you left with the black and green tanks in the center, you can simply move around on the right side of the spiral in such a way as to lure the black tank to push the green tank to a wall. Then you simply lay a mine on the other side and blow the green tank into pieces. The last black tank, as with all black tanks, can be gotten to by varying your rebound shots.

      This is all assuming you are playing on a 4:3 TV. I only recently got a wide screen and have already realized that it seems to make the game harder in general due to more empty spaces.

    • me too

  37. I didnΒ΄t even they were cheats to wii, but i will never use… [IM NOT A CHEATER!!!] While Im 12 I think lv. 38 is a good record πŸ™‚ But I will make it to Lv 100 soon , (Fiery green). And, I would like to add lots of things to your Supersite! Emmm, I know you donΒ΄t know me about nothing, but… you are not being very active lastly… and I could help with all the videos of missions, tanks, strategys… etc. Sooooooooooo, could you make me Admin?

    • Yeah, the cheats make playing the game a moot point, more so than cheats for other games.

      Level 38 is VERY good! And I firmly believe you’ll beat level 100 soon! Keep at it!

      You’re right I haven’t been active lately; I do have videos of all levels already captured, but haven’t had time to make them into articles. I’m always open to additions/corrections to my existing posts (in fact I think I’ve made corrections due to user feedback), so don’t hesitate to add them here or at other articles!

      As for making you an admin, there are lots of things to consider; email me at to start πŸ™‚ (you can also email me with what you’d like to add if you like)

  38. Hi – your site is great, very considered and logical – most of the stuff on the internet on tanks is youtube of some showoff blasting tanks, not very helpful to the rest of us trying to crawl up those levels.
    I am addicted to this game, I play it when the kids have gone to bed! I finally got to Mission 20 yesterday. Very confused when it said final mission but having looked above I will now be unlocked unless the over 18 rule has kicked in. My 6 year old was fascinated by the white tanks and kept asking to see them but of course I kept dying before I got to them!
    Thanks for all your hints and keep at it, the site’s fab!

    • Haha I almost forgot the joke I made about the over 18 rule πŸ˜› It is awesome that you like this site – comments like yours make me happy πŸ™‚ AND CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING MISSION 20!

  39. I absolutely LOVE this game.
    It’s amazing! I’ve gotten to level 20, but haven’t tried playing it again yet. For some reason i always die near mission 14-15.
    Still loving your game!

  40. I am delighted to see how many 5 yr olds love to watch their parents play tanks as much as my 5 yr old does! In fact, when my 6 month old son gets cranky I can usually calm him down by propping him up to watch me play (and watch my 5 yr old son jump around the room in excitement each time we destroy a tank or complete a level). It is definitely the male bonding game in our house. (And my wife appreciates the break from the kids!)

  41. Oh yeah, congratulations to your husband, Mindy!

  42. Ok, so we are totally ate up with tanks and love your site. My five 1/2 year old has watched your video defeating the game like hundreds of times. My record is 45 tanks – we have a far way to go. It amazes me how fast my son gets better. We like playing together, which makes the situations and tank numbers a little different. Also, once both of you die, no more second chance.

    We are very impressed that you have defeated the game w/o downloading the cheat. You have a very nice site and we visit it often!

    • Thanks for the comments! I’m thrilled you guys like this site!

      Yeah the 2-player mode is a very different spin of the game. But as far as I know, 2-player mode ends in Mission 20 and you can’t go further…. One thing you might try beyond that is to play a 1-player game, but with one of you controlling the nunchuck while the other control the wii remote πŸ˜‰ That actually isn’t any easier than one person playing both… πŸ™‚

      • That’s so funny – when my son gets tired, but doesn’t want to quit – he gives me the trigger and keeps the nunchuck. You are right, we don’t make it very far….

        He made it to a new level today. We saw purple tanks. After about point two seconds he was distroyed. He ran to the computer, yelling “Mommy what does the website say about purple tanks?!?!” I had to pull up your site immediatley. This was at like eight AM πŸ™‚

        • hahaha that’s hilarious! Congrats on your boy getting to mission 15! Yeah before I was where I am today in terms of skill level, this is a level that I sometimes beat quickly and sometimes DIE quickly πŸ˜›

          • Ok, my husband made it solo to Mission 20 for the first time. However, the game ends there. Very wierd. Mission 20 was titled “Final Mission” and after he defeated the two invisible tanks, the mission was “Complete.” Do you have an older verison of the game maybe?

          • Hi Mindy, the game ended for your husband probably because he is over age. Did he enter something over 18 for his age in the Mii profile?

            Haha just kidding. Yes this is a weird part of the game – the first time you reach Mission 20 solo, it is a “Final Mission”. Once you beat it, you have “unlocked” the game (although there is no message or hint telling you about it), and the next time you play solo, you will be able to proceed beyond Mission 20.

            I’m pretty sure this is unlocked on the console level and not tied to the Mii. But I might be wrong…


  43. Love the site—very nice. I am addicted to tanks!!!! My son Joshua loves to sit beside me while I play. He never plays but just likes to watch….he is 5 yrs. old. He know which screens comes next and helps me when I play.

    I have been able to get to level 34 before I petered out….

    It is funny that when you play the game a lot, you find out what intuitively works and the same tactics are replicated here….

    You are a monster when it comes to playing tanks…you are very patient in your play…especially at the higher levels.

    • haha yeah you do find out intuitively what works the more you play πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have anything to add to my guides πŸ™‚ I wish you beat the game soon, but most of all that you and Josh enjoy the entire process!

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