Here’s a level that can be completed swiftly.  As soon as the level starts (not a second too late!), fire all 5 of your rounds successively, starting with the first aimed at the upper left brown tank, ending with the last at the lower right brown tank, with the other rounds in between.  If you’re lucky, that’s all it takes, taking out all 4 tanks in one blow.  If not, that will usually take out 2 or 3 tanks right away.

With or without this tactic, the main thing to pay attention to in this level is evading enemy fire by moving to the space in the “V” of the trajectory of enemy fire.   This is because you already start out near the corner and you don’t want to be further cornered!


This level is hard at first, but easy with the right strategy.  Below is a step-by-step guide.  I’ll refer to the vertical area in the middle as the “center corridor”.

  1. Upon start, move immediately to the lower left corner.  Often times (though not in the above video), the tank at the center will fire a round that will bounce its way to your start position.  The lower left corner is a safe zone.
  2. Via rebound, or directly, take out the tank at the center.
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Here is a recording of my first successful attempt in beating level 100!  This video starts at Mission 98:

I did better in my second successful attempt!

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