Officially “Tanks!” with an exclamation mark, it is 1 of the 9 mini-games in the Nintendo Wii game “Wii Play“.  Below is a Wikipedia excerpt, which I had a part in writing:):

In this game, the player controls a small toy tank to destroy enemy tanks in a two-and-a-half-dimensional wooden toy block environment. Tanks can fire shells and/or lay mines. All tanks, including the player’s, will be destroyed when hit by a single shell or mine.

The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy tanks while avoiding their attacks. When this is achieved, play advances to the next “mission” (i.e. level), which will have a different combination of enemy tank types and a differently laid-out block environment. This game does not offer continuation when game over.

The Wii Remote as a pointing device is used for controlling the crosshair for firing shells. Being able to aim by pointing at the screen is a first for a console tank gameneed verification. When the Wii Remote is used alone, its D-pad controls the tank movement. When the Nunchuk is connected, the D-pad is disabled and tank control is given to the Nunchuk’s joystick.

In single-player mode, the player begins with three lives (“tanks”) and is awarded an extra life every 5 completed levels. When the player dies with unused lives, play is resumed mid-play (i.e. destroyed enemy tanks are not replaced), except start positions are reset. The first time a Mii completes mission 20, game is over (with a “Mission Completed” message). Thereafter, however, 100 missions are available for progression.

In two-player mode, each player has only one life with no awards. Therefore there is no mid-play resumes if both players die in a mission. However, if one player dies and the other successfully eliminates all remaining enemy tanks, play will advance to the next mission with both players alive. In addition to this cooperative aspect, there is a competitive aspect in which the two players attempt to accumulate more kills than each other. Compared to single-player mode, some missions have more enemy tanks. In two-player mode, only the first 20 missions are available.

There are two types of shells in this game: slow regular shells, or fast rocket-propelled ones. The former will rebound off most wall surfaces once, while the latter may have no rebound or may rebound twice.

Note that this post is the only post in that is not copyrighted because it is first published in Wikipedia (although I contributed to a large part of the section).

  2 Responses to “What is Wii Tanks?”

  1. Did you pass mission 20 3 times or whatever because the first 20 levels must be beaten in succession in order to have the 100 missions.

  2. It seems the following statement is not entirely true:

    “The first time a Mii completes mission 20, game is over (with a “Mission Completed” message). Thereafter, however, 100 missions are available for progression.”

    I recently played the game on a brand new Wii, and it took more than once of reaching mission 20 and of receiving the “Mission Completed” message to unlock the remaining levels. If memory serves, I think I had to beat mission 20 three times, before going onto mission 21 in the fourth.

    The unlocking may have been related to medals being earned.

    Can anyone substantiate this?


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