• The AI (artificial intelligence) of enemy tanks are randomized – even though a level may always start out with the same tanks (you and enemy) in the same positions facing the same directions, their initial movements are not predictable.
  • When controlling with the nunchuck, your tank can move at various speeds by moving the control stick part way.  Not very useful, but it’s there 🙂
  • “Leading” a tank means aiming ahead of a moving tank when firing.

Avoid directly approaching or retreating from them, and fire only when fired upon.

Teal Tank

First appearing in Mission 5, teal tanks fire rocket-propelled, i.e. fast, shells that have no rebound.  They tend to aim at you directly when firing, even if you are moving.  They’re not good at evading shells that “lead” them, i.e. fired at where they are heading.  And their biggest weakness is the time it takes them to “reload” between firings.

Formidable at first sight, they are actually easily defeated (relatively speaking).  Just follow these two rules:

  1. Constantly move “sideways” relative to them. I.e. don’t move towards or away from them directly.  This ensures that when they fire at you, and they always fire at you, they will always miss you despite the high speed of their shells.
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This table lists the various types of enemy tanks with their armament, strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics. Click on a tank’s icon to go to the strategy guide specific to the tank type.

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This is where the rocket-propelled-shell-firing teal tanks appear.  Formidable at first sight, they are actually easily defeated.

In this level, the 2 tanks usually both fire a round at you right off the bet.  These rocket-propelled shells don’t rebound, and the trajectories of these initial shots usually form an X, crossing near you.  So start the level by moving down a little, and position yourself right under this X to avoid the shells.

Then, it is pure procedure.  Just follow the General Strategy against Teal Tanks.

Incidentally, the video above shows how not to fire fan-and-rebound rounds, which are the first 5 shots I made in this video.  You can see that the shells canceled each other out: Continue reading »


Here’s a level that can be completed swiftly.  As soon as the level starts (not a second too late!), fire all 5 of your rounds successively, starting with the first aimed at the upper left brown tank, ending with the last at the lower right brown tank, with the other rounds in between.  If you’re lucky, that’s all it takes, taking out all 4 tanks in one blow.  If not, that will usually take out 2 or 3 tanks right away.

With or without this tactic, the main thing to pay attention to in this level is evading enemy fire by moving to the space in the “V” of the trajectory of enemy fire.   This is because you already start out near the corner and you don’t want to be further cornered!

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