This level is hard at first, but easy with the right strategy.  Below is a step-by-step guide.  I’ll refer to the vertical area in the middle as the “center corridor”.

  1. Upon start, move immediately to the lower left corner.  Often times (though not in the above video), the tank at the center will fire a round that will bounce its way to your start position.  The lower left corner is a safe zone.
  2. Via rebound, or directly, take out the tank at the center.
  3. Moving up in the center corridor along the left wall, take out tank at the center right via rebound.
  4. Move to the opposite wall, i.e. right wall of the center corridor.  Take out tank at center left via rebound.
  5. Next is the tank at the upper left.  Seemingly untouchable at first sight, it is rebound-reachable from the center corridor via a very narrow “line of sight”.  Just position yourself by the right wall of the center corridor, and though trial-and-error, directly hit the far left wall near the enemy tank.  There is a sweet spot where a rebounded round will take out the tank!
  6. Next target is the tank at the upper right.  Just travel up the corridor along the left wall, fire at the right moment without stopping, and finally rest at the upper wall where you’ll be safe from attack.  The “right moment” is the short time when you’re at about the same “level” as the target.  Because you and the target will be equidistant from the wall that separates the two of you, if you aim your rounds at the upper wall just above the dividing wall, your shells are guaranteed to hit target! Basic geometry 🙂  You’d want to travel non-stop because you will be under constant attack during this move, and you can stop at the upper wall because that is a safe zone.
  7. To hit the last enemy tank, you can employ a tactic that is a bit more safe than the one shown in the video.  Lay a mine at the corner of the lower-right cork blocks, and continue down the corridor to evade attack.  From a safe position, fire at the mine to explode it.  Then travel up the corridor along the left wall, again non-stop.  This time, you just position your cross-hair directly on the enemy tank.  When you are in approximate line of sight with the tank, fire a few rounds.  Because you’re moving, you are guaranteed that some of the rounds will reach the enemy directly.

All this in less than 60 seconds 🙂

  7 Responses to “Mission 17 in 60 seconds”

  1. who does the videos??!?

  2. BUT…


  3. 1: hide and destroy the tank on the middle first by pointing down and hitting b
    2: hit the left green tank by going moving out and slightly moving up so that the green tank on the right won’t see you
    keep hitting until it’s dead
    3: do the same for the right green tank.
    4: place a mine on the top-right corner and hit the mine. hit the tank or angle it right so the green tank on the top-right corner will be hit
    5: do the same with the green tank in the top-left corner.
    6: do the same with the green tank in the bottom-right corner, but be inside the top-left corner.
    overall it will take about 2 minutes

    • sooooooooooooo confusing but i HAVE done it before 🙂 . .

    • That was my original strategy for Mission 17. I still use it because it is much safer, although the second and third steps are a bit risky. I use the first half of levels to save up lives for late in the game, which would be when you start to see black tanks. Once you start to see black tanks, I still try my best to keep gaining lives. I once beat the whole game a dozen times with my personal best being with thirteen lives. I tweaked this strategy by shooting the top-left green tank before shooting the top-right green tank. I did this because I don’t want to be sniped at by the green tanks on the left and right sides of the map. However, that does mean that I still have to worry about missiles coming from the top and the bottom of the map. I also made another tweak to the strategy where I would always shoot the right green tank before the left green tank, because the wall extends all the way to the edge of the map on the right side. On the left side, the wall doesn’t extend all the way to the wall on the left, requiring a tricky aim for the very edge of the wall. I play on widescreen, and I have never played this game on 4:3 standard. Overall, the whole strategy with the tweaks will also take around two minutes.

  4. That is really good!


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