Be opportunistic in using multiple strategies against them.Green Tank

Green tanks first appear in Mission 12 and are stationary, but their weapon is the most powerful in the entire game: rocket-propelled shells that rebound twice!  Visually, that’s a three-legged trajectory.  These tanks are deadly because they can not only accurately calculate 2-rebound trajectory to hit you, they can also lead you.

There is no single effective tactic against these guys.  Instead, different scenarios call for different tactics.  Since scenarios can change quickly in a game, that means you must be opportunistic.  Starting with the most likely scenario:

  1. You can reach the green tank after 1 rebound. The tactic here is to simply get into position for your 1-rebound shot and fan your shells against the wall.
  2. It is in your direct line of sight. This is obvious but still warrants mention.  Aim directly at them and fire, but firing 2 or 3 rounds is sufficient – because they’re not going anywhere and your shells are guaranteed to hit target.  You’d want to fire 2 or 3 because 1 or 2 of them could be canceled out by the enemy tank’s shots.  Usually, you’d want to do this while moving; specifically, when possible, start out in a safe hide-out, go out in the open and shoot, and move into another safe spot, and wait for the inevitable to happen to your poor enemy.
  3. It is up against or very close to a wall, of which you can get to the other side. This usually happens when another tank has pushed it to its predicament, and presents a unique opportunity to lay a mine!  Just lay one on the other side of the wall.  No-brainer.  But it’s mentioned here for completeness 🙂
  4. None of the above, and it is protected by walls with destructible cork blocks. A prime example of this is Mission 17, in which the green tank can reach you after 2 rebounds, but you cannot reach back.  The tactic here is to destroy the cork blocks with a mine, then run and shoot, the whole time with the crossfire aimed squarely on the green tank.  See Tactic #2 above.
  5. Still none of the above, i.e. protected by walls with no destructible cork blocks.  Generally in such a case you will just need to get into the dangerous position where you can hit the green tank with rebound.  Not much way around it.  Occasionally, you may be able to lure other mobile tanks to push the green tank against a wall and employ Tactic #3 above – see Mission 70 for an example.

Next up: Purple Tanks.

Or, skip to green tank’s daddy, teal tank‘s grand-daddy, Darth Vader – no just kidding, the black tank.

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