General strategy against yellow tanks? There is none!Yellow Tank

Yellow tanks love laying mines randomly and only fires shells when they are near you with a direct line of sight.  They move at a medium-fast speed, and move in straight lines but make random turns, which makes it difficult to hit them in a consistent manner.  Of all the enemy tanks, I hate these guys the most!  That’s because:

  • They lay mines like crazy all over the place, destroying the landscape (cork blocks) and consequently strategic locations (i.e. hiding places!).
  • They are hard to hit because:
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Avoid directly approaching or retreating from them, and fire only when fired upon.

Teal Tank

First appearing in Mission 5, teal tanks fire rocket-propelled, i.e. fast, shells that have no rebound.  They tend to aim at you directly when firing, even if you are moving.  They’re not good at evading shells that “lead” them, i.e. fired at where they are heading.  And their biggest weakness is the time it takes them to “reload” between firings.

Formidable at first sight, they are actually easily defeated (relatively speaking).  Just follow these two rules:

  1. Constantly move “sideways” relative to them. I.e. don’t move towards or away from them directly.  This ensures that when they fire at you, and they always fire at you, they will always miss you despite the high speed of their shells.
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This table lists the various types of enemy tanks with their armament, strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics. Click on a tank’s icon to go to the strategy guide specific to the tank type.

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