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Looking for something I haven’t written about?  Put in your request below, and I’ll probably write it. 🙂  (If you arrived here after clicking on a link in this site, that means I haven’t written that article yet, but plan to. 🙂 )

Or, write anything you want about this site!  Oh yeah, welcome to the site!

  28 Responses to “Request an article”

  1. Can you do mission 1 to 10

  2. 😮 🙂 😕

  3. make a video on mission 50!

  4. Could you have an article for page 50? On my first run past stage 20 (Which was today), I died practically instantly even though I had read a bunch and practiced a bunch

  5. Bright, Can you make mission PI?
    you will get this once you finish 100

  6. or cud u do multiplayer

  7. Hey, Bright! Could you make the missions I listed in the Guestbook? Or just do anything, I just like the strategies for anything.

  8. I made it to mission 98 at age 8 or 9, and that is the best I have done

  9. Well, most missions are randomized, but they have one map you had before (except 25, 35 etc.)
    Most deaths happen in those randomized missions, so what about Strategy by map?

  10. bright can you make mission 70?…

  11. Do you always have to start out at level 1??? I find the early missions so boring now, and I was just wondering if there was a way to pick back up where you left off or at least maybe start at level 20 or something. ???

  12. My wife and I are both retired. We enjoy wii tanks very much. Your stragies and knowledge have helped us a lot.
    Thank you,

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