Fan-and-rebound shots is the primary weapon against the agile, rapid-firing purple tanks.  Occasionally, you may need to get into a duel with them.Purple Tank

Child of the red tank and the yellow tank, the purple tank possesses both rapid-fire and mine laying abilities, however the former is the dominant trait, as it doesn’t lay mines as crazily as the yellow tanks.  Unlike its red parent, Purple is fairly good at calculating the rebound trajectory of their ordinary shells, but interestingly not very good at avoiding your fan-and-rebound shells, despite its speed being on par with yellow tanks, i.e. faster than reds.  That’s why fan-and-rebound is the primary weapon against it.

Purple tanks do inherit their red parents tendency to seek you out for a direct confrontation, but you can usually keep them at bay by firing fan-and-rebound shots, which they will either evade (and therefore unable to confront you directly) or be destroyed by it.

Occasionally, however, a mission starts with a purple tank already in your direct line of sight.  In such a case you would have to fight fire with fire like you did with the red tanks.

In fact, the purple tank doesn’t bring much new stuff to the table, and correspondingly there is not much new tactics needed 🙂

So, now you’ve seen a lot.  You’ve seen tanks that lay mines, fires rocket-propelled shells, even 2-rebound rocket-propelled shells.  This next tank, however, is invisible.  You have to see it, or not see it, to believe it!  Introducing the White Tanks!


In this article I’ll talk about some general techniques in this game as well as some general strategies.  They have helped me reach Mission 100,  and I hope they’ll help you too!  (Your mileage may vary…)  Since techniques are vital to carrying out any strategies you have, we’ll talk about techniques first.  (Scroll down for general strategies, or for mission-specific strategies see List of Missions.)

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  1. Lead the enemy tank, i.e. aim at where it is going instead of where it is at. This is the most basic technique next to aiming directly at your opponent.  It is effective in the most basic of circumstances, i.e. you’re trying to destroy a moving tank.  Obviously, this doesn’t apply to stationary tanks. Continue reading »

Be opportunistic in using multiple strategies against them.Green Tank

Green tanks first appear in Mission 12 and are stationary, but their weapon is the most powerful in the entire game: rocket-propelled shells that rebound twice!  Visually, that’s a three-legged trajectory.  These tanks are deadly because they can not only accurately calculate 2-rebound trajectory to hit you, they can also lead you.

There is no single effective tactic against these guys.  Instead, different scenarios call for different tactics.  Since scenarios can change quickly in a game, that means you must be opportunistic.  Starting with the most likely scenario:
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Fight fire with fire!  Or use rebound shots.  They’re easier than you might think.Red Tank

Red (magenta) tanks rapid-fire ordinary shells with ordinary 1-rebound.  Moving at ordinary speed, they are very aggressive in seeking you out for a direct confrontation.  While they are mildly aware of and will evade your rebound shots somewhat, when you are in their direct line of sight, they will not evade your direct firings, but instead rapid-fire at you directly, which simultanesouly becomes their defense as their shells cancel out yours.

When applicable, rebound shots are as effective against them as any other tanks.  But what to do when they confront you directly?
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General strategy against yellow tanks? There is none!Yellow Tank

Yellow tanks love laying mines randomly and only fires shells when they are near you with a direct line of sight.  They move at a medium-fast speed, and move in straight lines but make random turns, which makes it difficult to hit them in a consistent manner.  Of all the enemy tanks, I hate these guys the most!  That’s because:

  • They lay mines like crazy all over the place, destroying the landscape (cork blocks) and consequently strategic locations (i.e. hiding places!).
  • They are hard to hit because:
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